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    This Wednesday evening marks the first presidential debate for the 2012 American elections. Elevating the discourse as only Tumblr can, we’ll have a crack team of GIF artists cranking out instant animations of the best debate moments, from zingers to gaffes to awkward silences. Flooding the GIF zone will be our own Topherchris, as well as Bobby Finger, Lacey Micallef, and Mr. GIF. And joining us to further enhance our coverage will be the fine folks at the Guardian, whose liveblog will bring you the full stories behind the GIFs.

    The place to take it all in will be the purpose-built Gifwich live-GIFfing blog. Fair warning: Follow Gifwich at your own risk! After all, once each debate begins, your Dashboard could be flooded with animations on a minute-to-minute basis. Your mileage may vary, but if you prefer to just sample the flow, perhaps check out Gifwich directly during the debate and reblog your favorites piecemeal. You can even sample curated real-time selections from the Guardian’sliveblog or Tumblr’s official Election blog.

    All debates (and our Gifwich GIF coverage) begin at 9pm Eastern Time:

    This is fantastic.


  2. picturedept:

    Hello World

    PICTURE DEPT is a new venue for photography presented by the award-winning Newsweek & The Daily Beast photo teams. As photo sharing has exploded online with services like Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and others, there has never been more content available for viewing. But as more great, new photography venues are created, it is increasingly hard to keep up with the seemingly endless stream—and to find the very best of what’s out there. PICTURE DEPT is designed to both filter and condense this information into a single resource. The site includes curated photo features and recommendations of the best of what is happening in photography—not just from Newsweek & The Daily Beast but also from Tumblr, around the Web, and the world beyond the computer screen.

    About the name:

    When we decided to create a photo Tumblr, we turned to the amazing Newsweek archives for inspiration, and there we discovered a battered metal box that contained hundreds of faded yellow 4 x 6 note cards. On each card was the date of an issue of the magazine and the complete listing of its photo spreads. And they were all titled “PICTURE DEPT”, the original moniker of the photo department. The cards ranged in date from the 1930’s - 1970’s and reminded us of the amazing legacy of the magazine. So we decided to resurrect Picture Dept for the 21st century. 

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  3. Lingering Questions After Two Weeks Working on a Tumblr Theme

    1. How do I get the click-through links on photo posts to open in a new tab/window? 
    2. How do I display the captions of individual photos in a photoset? 

    Further explanation on #1: 

    So you’ve got a photo post and you want to set a click-through link. 

    You use {LinkOpenTag} <img…> {LinkCloseTag}. But this opens the link in the same tab/window. How do you get it to open in a new tab/window? I can’t just drop target=”_new” in there. Apparently CSS3 has “Target” attributes that I could put in a div tag surrounding everything, but no major browsers support it(?) (I tried setting “Links Open in New Window” on the Customize Theme page— no effect.) 

    Further explanation on #2:

    You’re uploading a photoset. We’ve got the main caption between {block:Caption} {/block:Caption}. But what of these individual image captions? Where are they displayed? What variables do they go to? How can I get at them? 

    sschlinkert at gmail

    UPDATE: OK, totally figured out #2 after another Natty Ice. 

    Effectively you just do:




                   <img src=”{PhotoURL-HighRes}” />



      {Caption} <!— this being the photoset’s caption —>



    Still thinking about #1. 


  4. slightly wider.


  5. barackobama:

    Our friends at the DNC created this in honor of tonight’s Republican debate, and we couldn’t not share.

    Gonna be a fun year.


  6. newsweek:


    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor: In 2009 Rep. Eric Cantor co-signs a letter of support for a grant application to the Department of Transportation for a high speed railway program because it will provide “much needed new jobs.”

    Notable because this letter is bookmarked by Rep. Cantor’s comments like, “What we see in this budget, frankly, is an attempt, again, to try and stimulate the economy through government expenditure. And, you know, at best what that can do is redistribute wealth. It can’t create jobs; it can’t create wealth. We’ve got to get back to focusing on job creation and creating prosperity,” as Cantor said on ABC’s This Week in March 2009, or, “Government doesn’t create jobs and build wealth; entrepreneurs, risk takers and private businesses do,” as he wrote in the book Young Guns: A New Generation of Conservative Leaders later in 2010.

    Oh snap.