1. "It was a hot day, and we were on the highway, a water bottle full of Soylent between us."
    — I think about this image everyday. Widdicombe and Rhinehart starring out into the California haze, silently taking turns sipping from a bottle of liquid food, resigned to swapping backwash and the future. 

  2. If Wall-E didn’t come to at the end. 



  4. "I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close."
    — Michael Bloomberg, speaking to Jeremy W. Peters about his work on gun safety, obesity and smoking cessation. (via brooklynmutt)

    lol finance bros.

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  5. Whoa. Go. 


  6. sexpigeon:

    Just thinking city thoughts, city kid thoughts, about where the best staircases are, about which girls are on what pills, about art, but not art-art, but like just funny weird shit that you and your friends like, but that’s gonna be art one day, and you’re just kinda gonna fall head first into directing stuff, about the best benches for making out, about which girls have the best hair and are gonna turn out to be great musicians and be able to score the soundtrack to your movie, about dollar slices, about great jackets.


  7. fyeahsophieturner:

    Sophie Turner signs for fans at the Game of Thrones premiere in Milan


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  8. A Rough Hodgepodge of Good Reads That Partially Reflects My Current Mental State

    I’m coding a lot these days, so I’m reading more about tech and San Francisco and leaving New York. A higher percentage than normal of these live on Medium. Sorry. 

    Starting to be OK with my Hatred of New York

    New York Doesn’t Love You — “No one ‘wins’ New York…You will lose. Everyone loses.”

    The Expat — “To live in New York is to constantly be a borrower.” God, I fucking hate it here. 

    San Francisco Sounds Like a Silly Place

    Bay Watched —  I kind of dig it, but it sounds like too much “hustling” for my tastes. 

    Go West, Young Bank Bro — … and die. 

    Silicon Valley’s Youth Problem — Still don’t trust anyone over 30.

    But “Tech” Has Some Good Things Otherwise I Wouldn’t Be Learning a Part of It

    The Values of the Web — I don’t want to be a hustler. I don’t want to be a salesman…

    We Don’t Sell Saddles Here — … But the good ones can give a hell of a speech sometimes.

    Hackers and Painters — I’m still not sure about these Paul Graham essays as a whole, but here’s one I dog-tagged that isn’t directly about how to get money out of his start-up incubator. 

    Netflix’s Chaos Monkey — Netflix created a program that randomly takes part(s) of its system down as a test of its strength when things inevitably fail. And it’s got a great name. 

    Facebook is an Anomaly — Some good nuggets on how communicating on the internet works, and how Facebook will soon be a ghost-town (fingers crossed). 


    James Salter’s A Sport and a Pastime — “Less important was the idea that I should give it to this guy, who was like, so busy and so tired all the time, so that before I walked away for good, for better, I would have let him know—if he wanted to know—what I had wanted from sex: Not another game, but a sport.” Fuck, need to re-read this book. 


    I finished Chandler’s The Big Sleep and thought it kind of sucked. On to Norman Rush’s Mating, which is fun so far (one-third in) and an adventure (both in plot and word choice) and talks about gender relations through what I’d realize is a totally fucked-up lens if I had any fucking smarts and has, more generally, kindled in me a nostalgia for a time when I was regularly instructed by educators to read novels written by white men in the 1980s. Sigh.  


  9. Anonymous said: Have you ever fallen in love with someone over the internet?



    She’s pretty good at Tumblr imo. 


  10. The struggle.