2. Are there any women born after 1989 who are not amazing?

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    I want to see more of these. Artists get tested on how well they know their own self-proclaimed influences. Results may vary. Also, I kinda just have a crush on Annie Clark

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  5. Who wants to go this week? 

    Update: I went and it was awesome. Here’s a video about it

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  7. "Remember that day in middle school when you woke up after a good dream to a foot of snow that canceled school and you went ice skating with the girl you’ve had a crush on all year? Listening to this song is like holding her knit glove."

  8. 2007. 2007! 


  9. Still one of my favorite videos on the internet.


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    I can’t i’m with my PARENTS they dont know i have a TUMBLR do you think this is a GAME?

    The idea of real names being the thing that leads you — that’s not actually what leads us in the physical space. We lead with our bodies. We adjust how we present our bodies by situation. We dress differently, we sit differently, we emote differently. The thing about having everything linked to this universal identifier as though that’s real is just not real. That’s not how this works.

    That’s one of the things that teenagers struggle with about Facebook: how to deal with multiple contexts simultaneously. Usually we address context collapse using alcohol in face-to-face environments, like at weddings. Online we don’t have that, so we have to deal with a lot of awkwardness. So of course people are going to have multiple identities.

    Parents just don’t understand.