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    I was in the library and then I was like sup girl

    Grl u better READ.

    Am I in a blackout dream from junior year at college? 


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    We are excited for Sweater Weather.

    Happy Fall!


  3. Long Reads I’ve Heart’d Over The Past, Like, Six Months

    So I’m returning to the media industry soon. Huzzah! I’ve got a chill week and a half before I start though so I figured I’d throw down the articles I Liked on Instapaper over the past six months when I was supposed to be coding non-stop. Very excited to be returning to journalism and once again traffic in good words and stories. 

    If I had to pick two here I’d go with the A. O. Scott and the Alice Munro short story

    The Way Things Are

    The Way Things Were 

    The Way We Worry Things Are Now

    Thoughtful Hearts


  4. awlmusic:

    Tobias Jesso Jr - Without You & Just A Dream I A Take Away Show (La Blogotheque)

    oh man, this girl at the bar. 


  5. Voyagers, not tourists. 



  6. betterbooktitles:

    Jay McInerney: Bright Lights, Big City

    Reader Submission: Title and Redesign by Brendan Mortimer.


  7. "I never chose what I wanted to do in life because I didn’t know, and I was so angry when people asked me what I wanted to do. It was like, ‘Right now? I want to stop having this conversation.’"


  9. Are there any women born after 1989 who are not amazing?

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    I want to see more of these. Artists get tested on how well they know their own self-proclaimed influences. Results may vary. Also, I kinda just have a crush on Annie Clark

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